1962-1976 DODGE & PLYMOUTH


Kits include gaskets for: steering column, heater blower motor, master cylinder & gas pedal. All the foam rubber gaskets you need for the firewall area.

MS-6741 64-66 A Body $ 69.95/kit
MS-6742 65 A Body $ 69.95/kit
MS-6743 67-72 A Body (w/o AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-SR151323 67-72 A Body (w/ AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-6744 73-76 A Body (w/o AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-SR151325 73-76 A Body (w/ AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-6745 62-64 B Body $ 69.95/kit
MS-SR151327 65 B Body $ 69.95/kit
MS-6746 66-70 B Body (w/o AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-SR151329 66-70 B Body (w/ AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-6747 71-74 B Body (w/o AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-SR151331 71-74 B Body (w/ AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-6748 70-74 E Body (w/o AC) $ 69.95/kit
MS-SR151333 70-74 E Body (w/ AC) $ 69.95/kit



Package contains all body and mechanical gaskets needed when doing a complete restoration. Does not contain the engine or paint gaskets, or gaskets for air conditioned cars. The following is a list of gaskets which varies depending on kit ordered.

Steering Column (A/B/E) Accelerator Pedal (B) Accelerator Pedal Bracket (A/B/E) Master Cylinder (A/B/E)
4 Speed Bracket to Firewall (E) Heater Box Bolts to Firewall (B) Heater Box to Cowl (E) Heater Core Tubes (A/B/E)
Heater Motor to Firewall (A/B/E) Heater Motor to Adaptor Plate (A) Fuel Tank Pad (A/B/E) Wheel Cylinders (A/B/E)
Rear Axle Retainers (A/B/E) Differential to Housing 8-3/4 (A/B/E) Differential Cover Dana (B/E) Cowl/Firewall Drain (E)
Console Linkage to Floor (A/B/E) Wiper Motor to Firewall (A/B/E) Wiper Transmission to Cowl - Lower (A/B/E) Wiper Transmission to Cowl - Upper (A/B)
Front Spindle (A/B/E) Trunk Vent Plate (E) Fuel Pipe to Quarter or Tail Panel (A/B/E)
FW-RG6 67-69 A Body (8-3/4") $ 129.95/kit
FW-RG7 70-74 A Body (8-3/4") $ 129.95/kit
FW-RG1 66-67 B Body (8-3/4") $129.95/kit
FW-RG1D 66-67 B Body (Dana) $ 129.95/kit
FW-RG2 68-70 B Body (8-3/4") $ 129.95/kit
FW-RG2D 68-70 B Body (Dana) $ 129.95/kit
FW-RG3 71-74 B Body (8-3/4") $ 129.95/kit
FW-RG3D 71-74 B Body (Dana) $ 129.95/kit
FW-RG10 70-74 E Body (8-3/4") $ 129.95/kit
FW-RG10D 70-74 E Body (Dana) $ 129.95/kit



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